Venerable gay pubs Washington Blade and Southern Voice shut down

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Washington Blade ceases publicationWindow/Unite Media, publisher of various gay newspapers including Washington Blade, Southern Voice, Houston Voice and South Florida Blade ceased publication over the weekend.

The news, first reported by Washington City Paper’s sister paper Creative Loafing Atlanta, was confirmed by a Washington Blade employee. The publication has also stated the news on its Twitter feed: “Washington Blade, like all Window Media publications, is closing today. Thank you for your support. (Keep following us for developments.)”

Window/Unite Co-Presidents Michael Kitchens and Steve Myers, both based out of the area, were in town Monday to terminate the Blade’s 21 employees.

Blade Publisher Lynne Brown says it’s been a difficult day, but says to be on the lookout for a new publication to rise from the Blade in the near future; she said Blade employees have already scheduled a meeting on Tuesday to discuss starting their own venture. The area’s gay community is strong, she said, and “In adversity, there’s great opportunity.”

The Washington Blade started as an independent publication in 1969 and recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. The Southern Voice, based out of Atlanta, formed similarly in 1988.

As gay newspapers and magazines continue to fold, people will turn increasingly to blogs for their news. Since said blogs, Inside, Looking Out included, frequently cite traditional media in their posts, here’s hoping we are up to the task.

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