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Oil spill hits Louisiana shores

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If there was any justice in the world  naysayers like  Rush Limbaugh, the Governor of Mississippi and CEO of BP would be forced to assist in the clean up, wading knee deep in the carcasses that have washed up on shore, the stench of rotting flesh remaining with them the rest of their lives.

More photographs of the environmental carnage at the Big Picture.

Amateur video shows the gulf bleeding

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Gulf BloodWhat is happening in the gulf is truly heartbreaking and this video makes it painfully clear. Watch:
Dolphins and other animals are beginning to wash up on shore, and more photos of the disaster are available at The Big Picture.

Rachel Maddow tells Glenn Beck to “Back off!”

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maddowbeck-20100306-121011Game on.

Poor Mr. Beck doesn’t stand a chance.

If these images don’t encourage you to recycle… nothing will.

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Albatross ChickThese haunting images taken by nature photographer Chris Jordan on the remote island of Midway Atoll show the decomposing bodies of albatross chicks, fed a steady diet of human trash until they met their quick and untimely end. If these images don’t make you think twice before throwing that piece of trash out your car window, then nothing will. Just remember we all share this pale blue dot and your children and your children’s children don’t deserve all the ruin you’re going to leave behind. Video and a few photos below.

More of Chris Jordan’s photography on Midway Atoll @