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Amateur video shows the gulf bleeding

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Gulf BloodWhat is happening in the gulf is truly heartbreaking and this video makes it painfully clear. Watch:
Dolphins and other animals are beginning to wash up on shore, and more photos of the disaster are available at The Big Picture.

Frasier helps launch new Teabagger cable channel

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Kelsey Grammer is lending his celebrity to the launch of RightNetwork, a new cable channel dedicated to putting all of us lefties in our place.

Where’s Lilith when we need her?

Who knew that Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t like our country very well?

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Or so suggested Mike Sutton of the Sutton family on a recent airing of the Family Feud. Watch:

Mike, with all those daughters, there’s a good chance one of them doesn’t like your country very well either.

Obama gets schooled by 11-year-old demanding equality for all

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William PhillipsEleven-year-old Will Phillips, who last year refused to stand up in class for the Pledge of Allegiance until there was “liberty and justice for all,” received a GLAAD Media Award for his activism on behalf of the gay community. In his acceptance speech he called for President Obama to use the bully pulpit of his office to affect change. Amazing stuff. Watch: