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If these images don’t encourage you to recycle… nothing will.

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Albatross ChickThese haunting images taken by nature photographer Chris Jordan on the remote island of Midway Atoll show the decomposing bodies of albatross chicks, fed a steady diet of human trash until they met their quick and untimely end. If these images don’t make you think twice before throwing that piece of trash out your car window, then nothing will. Just remember we all share this pale blue dot and your children and your children’s children don’t deserve all the ruin you’re going to leave behind. Video and a few photos below.

More of Chris Jordan’s photography on Midway Atoll @

San Francisco Pride Parade 2009

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San Francisco Pride Parade 2009Here are a few pics we took from the 2009 San Francisco Pride Parade set to Diana Ross’ “I’m Coming Out.” Just click the Play button in the lower right. Enjoy.
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Lt. Dan Choi at the San Francisco Pride 2009 Media Party

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Lt. Dan ChoiI covered the San Francisco Pride 2009 Media Party this evening honoring the grand marshals for this year’s Pride parade. I was really happy to meet Lt. Dan Choi, who is serving as one the Celebrity Grand Marshals along with Cloris Leachman and Milk producer Bruce Cohen. Lt. Choi has been in the news lately for outing himself on the Rachel Maddow Show and getting ejected from the military for violating Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. He’s a real nice, standup guy, who shouldn’t be punished for who he is or who he loves. Some snapshots from the event below:

Who was the Prop 8 supporter with the GAY = PERVERT sign?

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GAY = PERVERTIt will be a light posting day here at as we wrap our heads around today’s terrible ruling. While my marriage may have been saved, I’d rather not be a part of a special group that has rights while others do not.

Here are few more pictures from today’s rally outside the California Supreme Court…

So tell me who… who is the divisive little @#!$ carrying the GAY = PERVERT sign in the first and last photo? While I certainly disagreed with all of the “pro” Prop 8 signs… at least they were civil and not disrespectful unlike THAT ONE.