Election results are in: Gay marriage defeated in Maine

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mainejpgWith nearly 90% of the precincts reporting in, Question 1, which sought to overturn Maine’s same-sex marriage law, passed easily with 53% of the vote.

“The institution of marriage has been preserved in Maine and across the nation,” declared Frank Schubert, chief organizer for the winning side.

Gay-marriage supporters refused to concede, holding out hope that that the tide might turn as the final returns came in.

“We’re here for the long haul and whether it’s just all night and into the morning, or it’s next week or next month or next year, we will be here,” said Jesse Connolly, manager of the pro-gay marriage campaign. “We’ll be here fighting. We’ll be working. We will regroup.”

At issue was a law passed by the Maine Legislature last spring that would have legalized same-sex marriage. The law was put on hold after conservatives launched a petition drive to repeal it in a referendum.

Chris Bowers over at OpenLeft reported earlier this evening of the possibility of a recount. The numbers were much closer then so its unclear if they are still considering that option.

It’s a sad, sad day for Mainers, who worked so hard and bravely for equality. The rest of us, particularly those of us in California, grieve with you.

On a personal note, with every defeat we suffer at the hand of these people it grows harder and harder not to return their hate with more hate. I don’t know how much longer as a community, we can or should put up with it.

Post by ILO on 11/03/09 at 10:20 pm