Give Me A Break! – Stand for Marriage Maine TV Ad uses typical scare tactics and no real facts

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yeson1Update: YouTube has yanked this ad as it appears SMM violated National Public Radio’s copyright. Woohoo!

Stand For Marriage Maine has started running this ad.

This despite the fact that Maine’s own Attorney General published a Legal Opinion stating:

“Whatever the benefits and burdens of the civil institution of marriage, the state’s definition of marriage has no bearing on the curricula in our public schools, either under current law or under LD 1020. Neither the Parker decision nor passage of LD 1020 “requires” or “allows” the teaching of any particular subject in our schools, in answer to the citizen question attached to your letter.”

I suppose when you can’t make logical arguments to support your case, you have to resort to FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt). I just hope the independent minded citizen of Maine take the time to read the Maine AG’s legal opinion and see this ad for the FUD that it is.

Post by Joe in Hotlanta on 10/16/09 at 8:00 pm