House Republican Leader John Boehner seems to think we choose to be gay, and are born religious

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Rep. John BoehnerAccording to a story on CBS News, the House Minority Leader objected to the expansion of a House Bill to include sexual orientation. The current law already includes class protections for national origin, race, religion, and color.

According to Boehner’s spokesman, Kevin Smith, “He does not support adding sexual orientation to the list of protected classes.”

It would seem that the Minority Leader believes we choose to be gay or straight but are born Jewish/Baptist/Morman/Wiccan. Because as we all know, it’s way easier living in this world as “a gay”, so clearly we all chose to be gay. Ok, sarcasm aside, how can he justify such an illogical position? Or perhaps he simply doesn’t want his own hate to be covered by this law.

Post by Joe in Hotlanta on 10/14/09 at 6:06 pm