Southerners, Republicans most doubt Obama’s citizenship

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Birther MovementIn hardly shocking news, a Daily Kos/Research 2000 poll revealed that Southerners and Republicans buy into the birther nonsense more than anybody else. The poll asked a simple question “Do you believe Barack Obama was born in the United States or not?”

First by region. Note how Southerners are half as likely to believe Barack Obama is a citizen, while at least three times as likely to believe he is a foreigner, or they simply don’t have a clue.

Birthers by Region

Next by party affiliation. No real surprises here.

Birthers by Party

It seems that while perceived as a fringe movement from the outside, among Southerners, and by-and-large most Republicans, the birther movement is practically mainstream.

The poll did ask one other interesting question barely covered in the media reports. The question was “Do you believe that Africa and America were once a part of the same continent?” The results are shall we say, interesting…

Where America and Africa once the same continent?
Any guesses as to why whites are so out-of-sync on this question? Anyone? Anyone?
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