South Carolina governor Mark Sanford cheated on wife in Argentina

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S.C. Governor Mark SanfordMake room for another passenger on the Republican Hypocrisy Train… South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who disappeared over the weekend, was in Buenos Ares, with another woman, leaving his wife and 4 kids behind on Father’s day..

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Some will suggest why knock a man while he’s down. Sanford seemed genuinely sorry. Cited his faith. Hell, he even cried. But folks, as soon as family values and traditional marriage cease to be centerpieces of the their agenda, standards they themselves seldom adhere to, then we’ll stop knocking. Plus, had the story not chased Sanford, would he have come back to South Carolina to make the same admission? Give me a break.

I wonder if he will stay with the new woman, and eventually sponsor her for citizenship. A luxury we in the LGBT community do not enjoy

Post by ILO on 06/24/09 at 12:10 pm