Hate crimes bill to be passed as amendment by U.S. Senate

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Hate Crimes LegislationIn a statement yesterday the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) revealed that U.S. Senate leadership will attempt to pass hate crimes legislation—which would add sexual orientation, gender identity and disability protections to federal law—as an amendment and not as stand-alone legislation. HRC spokesperson Trevor Thomas speaking to the Washington Blade:

“We understand that Senate leadership does not believe a hearing or mark up on the bill is necessary and plans to bring it directly to the floor as an amendment to another moving vehicle,” he said.

Thomas said the Senate determined it would pass the legislation as an amendment because the chamber’s leaders believes that’s “the most efficient way” to send the measure to the president’s desk.

Another reason may be that the Senate doesn’t have enough votes to get the measure passed as a stand-alone bill, as reported in an update on Pam’s House Blend late yesterday.

HRC is urging Congress to get hate crimes legislation to President Obama’s desk before the end of the summer.

Update: GOProud executive director Jimmy LaSilva wants to join hate crimes legislation with a provision allowing gun owners to carry their concealed weapons across state lines. Ouch!

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