Sen. Sessions during UAFA hearing: “Enough with the histrionics”

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Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL)So said Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) according to a staffer when one of Shirley Tan’s sons broke into tears as his mother testified at the UAFA hearings in Washington yesterday.

In the clip below, Senator Patrick Leahy stops the hearing briefly near the 5 minute mark as Tan’s son weeps.

When it was his turn to speak, Sessions cited the usual arguments and suspects in his remarks, his opposition to same-sex marriage in full view of the hearing. His remarks can be viewed here.

Just to get a sense of who we are dealing with, watch the clip from Rachel Maddow Show below which digs into Sessions’ “colored” past…

The Senator’s press secretary did not return a call seeking comment. And as for histrionics… I think this is a much better example.

As reported in the New Republic.

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