Olbermann: Dr. George Tiller’s murder facilitated by Fox News, O’Reilly Factor

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Bill O'ReillyKeith Olbermann ended Countdown last night with a call to “quarantine” Fox News for facilitating domestic terrorism and creating a climate which made the assassination of abortion doctor George Tiller possible. Watch:

It’s been interesting to watch the reaction of the Pro-life movement to Tiller’s murder. While the act has been widely and appropriately condemned, many have gone as far as to say Tiller deserved it, “reaping what he sowed.” I’d classify most of these individuals as cowards who don’t have the courage of their convictions to commit the heinous act themselves, but were more than happy to let someone else do the dirty work. And those who aren’t cowards simply need a nudge, only too happily provided by Fox News and talk radio, etc., to push them over the edge…

Back to the quarantine. My current gym shows Fox News on one of its LCD televisions, and I’m constantly having to avert my eyes lest be put in a sour mood… (yes, seriously). We’ve asked them once to change the channel but they refused. Perhaps it’s time to ask again and be prepared to find another gym.

Rachel Maddow ran a segment on her show this evening discussing individuals such as the ones I mentioned above, who are celebrating the death of Dr. Tiller. Watch:

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