White Night riots anniversary delays Prop 8 ruling

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newsomAs suspected the California Supreme Court delayed their ruling on Proposition 8 thanks to a last minute called place by San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom.

From Towleroad:

Confidential sources close to San Francisco City Hall told Towleroad’s Corey Johnson that the California Supreme Court was prepared to release its opinion on Proposition 8 tomorrow, but decided to delay the ruling after a call from Mayor Gavin Newsom.

“Newsom reached out to the Supreme Court and asked them to hold off releasing their decision so it did not coincide with the White Night riots,” said our source.

I’m glad at least that the mayor was cognizant of the timing of the ruling, which would have fallen on the 30th anniversary of the White Night riots. But what of the California Supreme Court… Didn’t they know? Or did they know their decision would cause celebrations, not mayhem?

UPDATE: Gavin Newsom’s office has issued a statement denying he contacted the California Supreme Court with regards to the Prop 8 ruling.

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