Gay marriage bill hung up in the New Hampshire House of Representatives

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new-hampshirejpgAfter the New Hampshire Senate voted 14-10 to approve revised  gay marriage legislation earlier in the day, the House 0f Representatives has now voted against the bill 188-186, taking issue with enhanced religious protections requested by Governor Lynch.

More from WMUR TV:

One House member who voted in favor of same-sex marriage but against the amendment was Rep. Steve Vaillancourt, R-Manchester. He said the governor’s amendment would create discrimination in a bill intended to bring equal rights to people. “This bill has nothing to do with gay marriage,” Vaillancourt said. “This bill is a homophobic bill put in by a governor who was backed into a corner, hoisted on his own petard. My job is not to get the governor out of his corner. My job is to do what’s best for society. It is not best to send a message across the country that we’re going to give gay marriage with lots of strings attached.”

The bill is now back in committee where the House will attempt to negotiate a compromise with the Senate.

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