New documentary ASK NOT explores history of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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Ask Not DocumentaryJohnny Symons’ new documentary “Ask Not” explores the history of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell through the personal stories of those who have been victims of the policy. In a statement from the Symons:

My hope is that ASK NOT will deepen awareness, cultivate lively debate and mobilize more public action against this archaic policy. With an estimated 65,000 LGBT people currently in the military, it is essential that, as Americans, we ask ourselves if “don’t ask, don’t tell” serves our collective interests and values: from national security to human rights, from economic stability to upholding the principles of the Constitution. Until the government allows gays, lesbians and bisexuals to serve the country openly, the very notion of American citizenship is threatened, just as it would be if any other group were singled out, excluded and punished on the basis of who they are, not what they do. Our military fights for those types of democratic rights in other nations every day. We should demand no less at home.

Watch the trailer for ASK NOT below:

The documentary will be airing on PBS on June 16 as a part of Independent Lens series. In advance of the airing the film will also be screening in the following cities:

Auckland, New Zealand – May 19
San Francisco, CA – May 19 (Community Cinema)*
San Rafael, CA – May 19 (Community Cinema)*

Austin, TX – May 19 (Community Cinema)
Nashville, TN – May 20 (Community Cinema)
Evansville, IN – May 20 (Community Cinema)
Director Johnny Symons in attendance.
Boston, MA – May 21 (Community Cinema)*
Out Takes, Auckland, New Zealand – May 21-31
Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Hartford, CT – May 23
Indianapolis, IN – May 24 (Community Cinema)
Charleston, SC – May 26 (Community Cinema)
West Hollywood, CA – May 26 (Community Cinema)
Oakland, CA – May 27 (Community Cinema)*
Lafayette, LA – May 27
Denver, CO – May 27 (Community Cinema)
Out Takes, Wellington, New Zealand – May 28-June 7
Portland, OR – May 29 (Community Cinema)
Birmingham SHOUT, Birmingham, AL – May 29-30
Washington, DC – May 31**
Out Takes, Christchurch, New Zealand – June 4-10
Damn These Heels! LGBT Film Festival, Salt Lake City, UT – June 11-14
El Paso, TX — June 18-21

* – Director Johnny Symons in attendance.
** – Film subjects Alex Nicholson and Jarrod Chlapowski in attendance

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