LGBT civil rights hero and HIV/AIDS activist Rodger McFarlane dead at 54

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Rodger McFarlaneLGBT and HIV/AIDS activist Rodger McFarlane took his own life last Friday at the age of 54. In a note he left behind McFarlane indicated he “was unwilling to allow compounding heart and back problems to become even worse and result in total debilitation.”

In a statement released by McFarlane’s friends and family:

The power of Rodger’s many personal and professional accomplishments cannot be denied. He was on the forefront of responding to the AIDS epidemic that ravaged our country – and specifically the gay community – in the 1980’s. Before HIV even had a name, in 1981, Rodger set up the very first hotline anywhere; he just set it up on his own phone. That was the Rodger we knew. A born strategist and leader, Rodger took three organizations in their infancy and grew each into a powerhouse in its own way, empowered to tackle this national tragedy.

McFarlane appeared recently in the documentary Outrage which exposes closeted politician and their hypocrisy.

McFarlane’s  brand of “in-your-face” activism and his searing wit will sorely be missed.

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