Gay marriage bill passes NY State Assembly, faces rocky road in Senate

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New YorkThis evening the New York State Assembly voted overwhelming for same-sex marriage 89-52.

Six Republicans crossed over to support the bill including Assemblymember Teresa Sayward, who spoke of her son before casting her vote. From Edge New York:

“The word marriage symbolizes love, commitment and family and why should my son and other sons and daughters around the state of New York [not] have the same opportunity to experience that same commitment, love and family that other heterosexual couples do,” Sayward said. “It’s time for us to not only reach in our hearts, but to do what we as elected officials in America have done all along and say we will not accept anything but equal rights.”

The bill will face a rocky road in the Senate where it will be difficult to muster the 32 votes necessary for passage. Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr., [D-Bronx] is a vocal opponent in the bill, and is urging Hispanics and people of faith to protest May 17th against the measure.

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