Lt. Dan Choi on repealing DADT: “We want to serve…”

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Lt. Dan Choi on Rachel MaddowLt. Dan Choi appeared on the Rachel Maddow show tonight discussing his recent ouster from the Army National Guard thanks to Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT). Rep. Joe Sestak was also on the program discussing the unfairness of the policy and how it might be repealed.

Lt. Choi responding to how DADT might be repealed…

Well, I’m not a politician myself, I just like so many thousands of others, gays and lesbians that are in the army, that are in the armed forces, who  raised their right hand and said “We are in a time of war right now;” it’s not about what timing is good or bad, its not about what you want to do, its about what your responsibility is. And we are saying that we are standing up to our responsibilities, and we are saying “we want to serve.”

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