New Hampshire gay marriage bill squeeks by in the House, 178-167

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The New Hampshire House of Representatives  followed in the footsteps in the Senate approving an ammended gay marriage bill by a margin of 178-167.

The bill now goes to to the desk of Governor John Lynch, who has  said previously that the word marriage should be reserved only for a union between a man and a woman.

Governor Lynch from the Union Leader:

“I have a responsibility as governor to do what I think is best for the people of New Hampshire. I will continue to talk with the Legislature and with the people of New Hampshire about that bill.”

“We have been flooded with calls. People can’t even get through. The phone lines are basically jammed … I’m not going to be guided by the numbers of calls that come into the office. That will not have an impact on my decision.”

Add your voice to the flood by calling Governor Lynch’s office  at 603-271-2121.

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