Maine Senate votes for gay marriage

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mainejpgAfter some moving and eloquent testimony, the Main Senate voted to approve same-sex marriage 20-15 this morning. There is a possibility however that the legislation may get tabled because of a late amendment that would put the issue before Maine voters in November. From the Sun Journal:

Immediately, however, one of the senators who voted No – Republican David Hastings of Fryeburg – introduced an amendment from the floor that would send the issue directly out to statewide voters in November.

That move prompted Democratic Majority Leader Philip Bartlett of Gorham to request a recess. The House of Representatives has already adjourned until next Tuesday, so the bill can’t come up for preliminary consideration there until then.

A recent poll shows Maine voters are evenly split on the issue. And, while it remains unclear if Governor Baldacci would sign the bill  should it reach his desk, he has suggested recently that he would favor the legislation.

UPDATE: It appears the amendment to put the issue up for referendum in November has failed, and the revised vote is now 21-14 in favor of same-sex marriage!

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