Iowa couple claims son was killed by homosexual cult

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Iowa CoupleAn Iowa couple has stepped forward with an editorial in the Des Moines Register and a video produced by the Iowa Family Policy Center, both claiming that their son was recruited by homosexuals and later died from AIDS because of it.

From the editorial:

The single most tragic event in our years together has been the untimely death of our oldest son, Randy. Our firstborn was a blessing that brought so much joy into our lives. He was extremely smart, he participated in extracurricular activities, graduated with many honors and went on to college. After college, he moved to Omaha and took a job. It was while he was living in Omaha that one of Randy’s co-workers recruited him into the homosexual “lifestyle.”

We loved our son as much as any parents have ever loved a son. Even when we became aware of his homosexuality, we assured him of our love. That is not to say that we condoned or accepted what we knew to be a dangerous “lifestyle,” but we always maintained our relationship with the son we had raised and the man we prayed would be delivered from homosexuality.

It was interesting to note that once Randy was diagnosed HIV positive, the homosexual community who had actively recruited him and had claimed to be his “family” were nowhere to be found. As his health declined, he spoke frankly about the homosexual experience. Randy said, “It is not an alternate lifestyle. It is a cult.”


While I can’t help but have sympathy for their loss, the notion their son was “recruited by homosexuals” is ridiculous, and eagerly await Randy’s friends to step forward and dispute the charge. I also feel sorry for them, allowing a group like the Iowa Family Policy Center  use them to further their own anti-gay agenda.

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