“Concerned Virginians” form group to deny lesbian mom visitation rights

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A group of concerned Virginia citizens have formed the Protect Isabella Coalition in response to a custody battle between lesbian parents over their six-year-old daughter Isabella. Birth mother Lisa Miller who now lives in Virginia is fighting for sole custody of their daughter from her former partner Janet Jenkins in Vermont. The couple was joined by civil union in 2001 but split a few years later when Jenkins decided she was no longer a lesbian and moved back to Virginia. Isabella was just 17 months old.

To drum up support and media attention for the case the Protect Isabella Coalition has put out the following television ad in Virginia.

And from their website’s Action page…

What can you do to help?

First, pray. We believe God has a wonderful plan for both Lisa and Isabella. Please pray with us that they will be able to stay together, without the disruptive visitations ordered by the Vermont Judge. Pray that God would turn Janet Jenkins’ heart and open her eyes to Isabella’s real needs, which are far greater than her own. Pray for Janet’s salvation. Pray also for godly wisdom for our nation’s leaders, our legislators and judges.

Currently Virginia courts have refused to deny a Vermont court order granting Jenkins visitation rights. Unfortunately Miller has frequently been in contempt of that order by refusing visitation, and is reported in Newsweek as likening the visits to “…handing my child over to the milkman.” Miller who is now a devout Baptist also said that Jenkin’s lesbian “lifestyle” would be harmful to the child and was “fundamentally wrong.”

I wonder what’s more harmful? Having a lesbian mom or an ex-lesbian mom whose heart is filled with bigotry and hate?

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