Al Gore ignored Earth Hour. Really?

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Drew Johnson, president of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research drove out to Al Gore’s mansion during Earth Hour Saturday night and claims that the former vice president ignored the event. According to Mr. Johnson, some of the house lights were left on, as were flood lights for the trees, and a light for the house number. Apparently there are photographs…


Really? Are these the ONLY pictures you have? You went out into the dark of night Mr. Johnson, hoping to discredit that villainous liberal/Hollywood elitist Al Gore and expose his global warming con, and this was the best you could do? Two pictures of a lit house number? Which in many communities is required to be visible at night so that emergency vehicles can locate the home in case of… you guessed it… an emergency? And the third picture? I don’t even know what that is!

Do you know how to operate a camera Mr. Johnson? Did you not know how to get the whole house in view? Give me a break. You are as big of a fraud as you claim Al Gore to be. Thanks to your shoddy camera work, how can I conclude otherwise?

Of course all the right-wing sites are aflutter at the apparent hypocrisy of Al Gore ignoring Earth Hour even as he responded through his spokesperson…

“The Gores honored Earth Hour by shutting off the lights at their residence. The heating and air conditioning were turned off as well. But more importantly, the Gores live in a Gold LEED certified home, powered by geothermal power. They have undergone renovations to put solar panels on the roof and participate in all of the renewable power programs offered by their local utility. They aren’t perfect, no family is, but they do their best, year-round to try to make a difference at home and across the country to make a difference on the climate crisis.”

Move along folks. This is just another manufactured controversy by a wingnut conservative consumed by partisan politics, nothing more. Go away Mr. Johnson, and please, learn how to use a camera next time… okay?

Post by ILO on 03/31/09 at 2:02 am