Tuesdays with TED: The Paradox of Choice

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Psychologist Barry Schwartz explores the notion of “freedom of choice,” and makes a convincing case that having more choice ultimately makes us less happy.

Watching the clip might make you long for simpler times. Like Dana Carvey’s Grumpy Old Man character from SNL…

I’m oooooold! And I’m not happy! And I don’t like things now compared to the way they used to be. All this progress — phooey! In my day, we didn’t have these cash machines that would give you money when you needed it. There was only one bank in each state — it was open only one hour a year. And you’d get in line, seventeen miles long, and the line became an angry mob of people — fornicators and thieves, mutant children and circus freaks — and you waited for years and by the time you got to the teller, you were senile and arthritic and you couldn’t remember your own name. You were born, got in line, and ya died! And that’s the way it was and we liked it!

Then again… perhaps not. 🙂

Post by ILO on 03/03/09 at 11:30 am