California Commission to investigate Mormon involvement in Prop 8

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California’s Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) announced today that they would investigate allegations that the LDS Church did not fully disclose non-monetary contributions to the Prop 8 Campaign.

Fred Karger of Californians Against Hate called for the investigation last week, writing a letter to the FPPC detailing many of the allegations, including:

  • Church organized phone banks from Utah and Idaho
  • Sending direct mail to voters
  • Transported people to California over several weekends
  • Used the LDS Press Office to send out multiple News Releases to promote their activities to nonmembers
  • Walked precincts
  • Ran a speakers bureau
  • Distributed thousands of lawn signs and other campaign material
  • Organized a “surge to election day”
  • Church leaders travel to California
  • Set up of very elaborate web sites
  • Produced at least 9 commercials and 4 other video broadcasts all in support of Prop 8
  • Conducted at least 2 satellite simulcasts over 5 Western states

These allegations are on top of the $22 million raised by Mormons in support of Prop 8, and according to Karger are in violation of the Political Reform Act.

While the LDS Church has not yet commented on the announcement, they have previously stated that they “fully complied with the reporting requirements of the California Political Reform Act” and that “any investigation would confirm the church’s full compliance with applicable law.”

Roman Porter, executive director of FPPC said today that an investigation doesn’t necessarily mean there was any wrongdoing, and asked everyone to “reserve judgement.”

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