Last Day to Register to Vote in California!

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Today, October 20, is the last day people can register to vote in California. I’m not going to go and on about civic duty, but this may be the most important election of our lifetime, and it’s so important to participate in that. We also have a tremendous opportunity here in California… not only to elect a president who has the vision to move us forward into the 21st century (8 years late I might add), but to extend and maintain equal rights to ALL the citizens of California. I am course referring to Proposition 8, which will strip away civil rights to same-sex couples, denying them the right to marry the person they love.

There’s so much at stake in November. So please be sure sure to register. Today. And make sure all your friends and family are registered. Today.

To register or verify your registration to vote, visit any of the following sites:

For more on Proposition 8, visit

I’ll leave you with a couple of clips to chew on…

Gavin Newsom on Energy 92.7 speaking on the importance of Proposition 8.


Sarah Palin voices her support for a Federal Marriage Amendment.

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