Liberal Media My A$$

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Check out the clip below put together at

Every time I hear the words “Liberal Media,” I have put my hands over my ears to keep my head from exploding. I mean really… is it that liberal? I grant you the NY Times, Keith Oberman (MSNBC), and NPR to varying degrees… But CBS? Not after this clip… CNN? Don’t think so after letting wingnut Glenn Beck sub for Larry King, (interviewing Michael Savage no less).

And we hear nothing but whining from the McCain camp on the attention Obama has been receiving. Oh you mean like Revered Wright, William Ayers, and well you know that whole Muslim-not-a-muslim thing. While at the same time that “same” liberal media fawns over McCain like puppies looking for a treat.

So again I say… liberal media my ass. 🙂

Post by ILO on 07/22/08 at 10:18 pm