Saying goodbye to New Zealand…

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We have safely arrived in Sydney, with thoughts of New Zealand still fresh in our minds. Auckland is an amazing city, reminiscent of San Francisco and Vancouver, its denizens friendly and gracious. There’s almost a 1950s feel to the place, not that I was around at that time to say for sure.

Since it is winter (they seem to skip the fall entirely), the weather was a bit dodgy and we were unable to be as adventurous as we would have liked. Hobbiton and the glow worm caves were unfortunately out. So we decided to stay close to Auckland and the local environs.

To the right you’ll find a few snapshots from our travels. Some of the highlights include Skycity Tower, Rangitoto Island and the black sands of Piha Beach along the western coast.

The updates should be coming more frequently now, so, it’s off to the Sydney Opera House. Toodles!

Post by ILO on 05/15/08 at 4:41 pm