Oops? Did Obama do it again?

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It was revealed late yesterday on NPR and on MSNBC (1:10 into the clip) today that Hillary Clinton may have in fact lost Texas, if you go by delegate count.

In the Texas primary Clinton took 51% to Obama’s 47%, which translates into 65 delegates for Clinton and 61 for Obama. A four delegate advantage. Certainly the stunning victory that Clinton claimed (insert sarcasm here).

As for the Texas caucus, with 41% of the votes counted, the state Democratic Party estimates Clinton with 30 delegates to Obama’s 37, and the Party is pretty certain those numbers will hold.

That gives Obama a total of 98 to Clinton’s 95. If that’s the case, Obama netted a 3 delegate lead in Texas, ultimately winning the state.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be an uphill battle for Obama to claim victory with the media reporting otherwise for the past 3 days. Keith Oberman mentioned it this evening on MSNBC this evening so hopefully it will gain some traction in the daily news cycle.

And as for Clinton, her campaign is threatening legal action.

Post by ILO on 03/08/08 at 1:03 am