Yes… I’m an Ass!

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To many you, I am sure that has long been obvious. I’ve decided tonight however to make it official. I’ve done a little house re-dressing in honor of the political season as I am sure you have already noticed. While I typically air on the side of subtlety, I’m throwing all caution to the wind (please forgive the cliche). It’s odd to me that I am more interested in the primaries than I am MacWorld 08. Yes. Perhaps I should see a doctor.

In case you were under a rock this evening, Obama and Huckabee won in Iowa tonight. While I am still undecided on who to throw my support behind, I find myself easing in one direction. I’ve posted their victory speeches below.

[flvplayer /video/obama_iowa.flv 200 160]
[flvplayer /video/huckabee_iowa.flv 200 160]

After watching Huckabee’s speech, I hear more of the same. The same we’ve been hearing the past 7 years. With Obama, I hear echoes of Robert Kennedy, and frankly that’s what I’d rather hear.

Post by ILO on 01/04/08 at 2:23 am