A Peso for your Thoughts…

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It might be just me but I found the clip below which ran recently on a local TV station outrageous. The Federal Reserve along with local banks and credit unions want to take the sting out of sending money south of the border by offering services that make it easier and less expensive. Over 5 million people send money back to Mexico on a regular basis.

[flvplayer http://inlookout.com/site/video/fedresmexico.flv 320 240]

If someone has earned the right to be here, I have little problem with them sending money home. But to those who are here illegally, I feel strongly that they are taking advantage of the system, and suspect that group in particular is who the Federal Reserve is targeting. To them they aren’t illegal aliens breaking the law… no.. they’re an untapped market. Why should Western Union have all the fun?

But tell me this, isn’t taking your paycheck and then spending it “here” a big part of keeping those economic wheels turning?

A peso for your thoughts…

Post by ILO on 10/21/05 at 11:14 pm