Our New Baby… Zoe!

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zoe_week1_031.jpgI would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of our family, Zoe! She was born on Feb 12 under the care of Echoglen Ragdolls of Southern California, a cattery in San Diego. She is an amazing and lovable little kitten with a wonderful disposition and very friendly. Zoe joined our family on May 23, just one week ago, and our lives have not been the same since; it’s already hard to imagine our lives without her.

Once Zoe is a little older I may give her a column here on Inside, Looking Out, as I currently don’t have a guest columnist. I am sure she will be just as opinionated as I am. 🙂

For your enjoyment I have posted our first week’s pictures of Zoe. Enjoy

Post by ILO on 05/29/05 at 11:36 pm