Movie critic warns gay Sherlock Holmes will be bad for business

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Michael MedvedMichael Medved, movie critic and conservative columnist warned in the NY Post that there is no public appetite for turning Sherlock Holmes gay in the new Guy Ritchie film slated for release this Christmas. Robert Downey Jr. who plays Holmes recently described the relationship between him and the Watson character  as “two men who happen to be room-mates, wrestle a lot and share a bed. It’s badass.” A none-to-amused Medved in the NY Post:

“There’s not a seething, bubbling hunger to see straight stars impersonating homosexuals,” Medved told us. “I think they’re just trying to generate controversy . . . They know that making Holmes and Watson homosexual will take away two-thirds of their box office. Who is going to want to see Downey Jr. and Law make out? I don’t think it would be appealing to women. Straight men don’t want to see it.”

Homophobic much? Trailer for Sherlock Holmes below.

Nope. More gay please. But at least it looks like Guy Ritchie finally has mojo back.

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