Alexander’s Dirty Little Secret

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Warner Brothers has come under legal fire from a group of Greek lawyers for portraying Alexander the Great as a bisexual in the film of the same name. The lawyers are threatening to bring suit against both the studio and director Oliver Stone unless the credits of the film are altered to indicate that the film is a fictional account with no basis in fact.

Pardon me, but with all the fornicating flatware in museums and the sexual connotations of the term “greek” not withstanding, these greek lawyers need to give it a rest. I think their time would be better spent practicing law than trying to clear the name of man who died two
thousand years ago. Much of the historical texts describing the period indicate that Alexander batted for both teams, as did many of that time. It was not uncommon to have a wife and multiple lovers.

Perhaps the lawyers find the suggestion that Alexander was bisexual or gay a threat to their masculinity. How could such a man have conquered much of the known world by the age of 32 as well as taken a lover? Please. Alexander is one of many historical figures that enjoyed the
company of the same sex. And none has brought about the collapse of civilization, nor tainted the masculinity of any one man.

Go home to your husbands or wives greek lawyers. Your masculinity is intact.

Post by ILO on 11/21/04 at 8:56 pm