Gov. Schwarzenegger signs Harvey Milk Day into law

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May 22nd will now be known as Harvey Milk Day in California. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger last night apparently signed a second bill passed by the state legislature to recognize the slain San Francisco Supervisor.

The first attempt to establish the day of significance was vetoed by Schwarzenegger, who at the time said it was more appropriate to honor Milk locally where he had the most impact. Since then the Oscar-winning movie “Milk,” a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom and his induction into the California Hall of Fame has elevated Harvey Milk’s status as a civil rights icon.

The signing has been confirmed by the Sacramento Bee. The haters over at who have been lobbying hard against the law are none-to-pleased, releasing the following in a news release this morning:

“Harvey Milk was a sexual predator of teens, an advocate of polygamous relationships, a public liar, and is in no way a good role model for impressionable schoolchildren,” said Randy Thomasson, president of “Sadly, children in public schools will now have even more in-your-face, homosexual-bisexual-transsexual indoctrination. This provides the strongest impetus yet for loving parents to remove their children from anti-family public schools.”

“’Harvey Milk Day’ teaches children as young as five years old to admire the life and values and the notorious homosexual activist Harvey Milk” said Thomasson. “The ‘suitable commemorative exercises’ that are part of ‘Harvey Milk Day’ can easily result in cross-dressing exercises, ‘LGBT pride’ parades and mock gay weddings on school campuses — everything Harvey Milk supported.”

Schwarzenegger also signed a bill that would recognize gay marriages performed in states where it is legal. Take that Prop 8 supporters!

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