Janet Napolitano comes out as… single

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Janet NaplitanoIn a New York Times Magazine interview over the weekend Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano fielded a few questions about the lesbian rumors that have followed her and other women in politics.

Men don’t know what to make of women who choose to be single. Rumors of lesbianism have dogged women in politics like you,Condoleezza Rice and Ann Richards.
Right. I think the more people get to know a person, the less that becomes an issue. It’s interesting. In Arizona when I first ran for public office, that’s when the rumors were going around, and of course I’m sure they go around now.

In 2002, during your gubernatorial campaign, you publicly denied rumors that you were a lesbian.
I just happen not to be married.

Are you seeing anybody now?
Yes, my staff.

Some food for thought…

Back in 2006, Napolitano was asked why she opposed Prop 107, an amendment which would have banned same-sex marriage in Arizona. The governor responded “Marriage is between a man and a woman. That is the law, and I believe that’s our tradition. I think Prop 107 goes way beyond that.”

When asked if her view was hypocritical because most people believed she was a closeted lesbian.

“No. No, and I’m offended by that question.”

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