Fort Worth mayor walks back apology on gay bar raid

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Fort Worth mayor Mike MoncriefLate yesterday, Fort Worth mayor Mike Moncrief clarified an apology he gave at a city council meeting over the raid of the Rainbow Lounge last month, saying he was only sorry that someone got hurt.

Fort Worth’s mayor says an apology he issued at a City Council meeting wasn’t for law enforcement’s raid on a Texas gay bar, but for the fact that a man was seriously injured.

Mayor Mike Moncrief (MAHN’-creef) made an impromptu apology during Tuesday night’s meeting where officials and residents commented on last month’s raid on the Rainbow Lounge, which left one man hospitalized with a serious head injury.

Moncrief had told the crowd: “If you want an apology from your mayor: I am sorry about what happened in Fort Worth.”

Mean while the police issued more details about the raid.

According to police records, a cruiser video showed a man arrested for public intoxication two days before the controversial raid. In a police report, officers said they saw the man leave the lounge very intoxicated earlier in the evening and told him to get a ride.

That weekend, officers returned to the lounge with TABC officers for a bar check. A police radio recording revealed that an officer called for help after they went inside the Rainbow Lounge.

“I need help in here,” he could be heard saying. “I’m by the restroom.”

That call came when officers said a customer blew a kiss at the officer, and then struggled with police as they tried to arrest him. The customer told News 8 his arm was injured.

In police records, officers also said a woman’s hips touched an officer in a sexually explicit way. The reports also said Gibson tapped an officer’s genitals.

“[It] didn’t happen,” Gibson said. “It’s a big lie.”

Argh! One steps forward, two steps back. Do politicians ever apologize?

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