FedEx extends protections to transgendered employees

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FedEx extends protections to transgendered employeesFedEx has agreed to extend employment protections to its transgendered employees, a change in policy that comes at the request of Northstar Asset Management, Inc., which filed a resolution seeking protection against any form of job discrimination based on gender identity. Julie Goodridge, CEO of NorthStar Asset Management, Inc. said that “FedEx responded with a desire to understand and incorporate such a policy.”

“Transgender people suffer the greatest amount of discrimination in the workforce and have little recourse due to the lack of protection under state and federal law,” Goodridge noted. “While it is unfortunate that the Federal government has yet to pass an inclusive Non-Discrimination Act that includes all people, thankfully there are U.S. corporations like FedEx who are determined to protect and value all of their workers…they are leading the way potentially years ahead of Capitol Hill.”

While it is a step forward for the company, earlier this year FedEx refused to extend domestic partner benefits to its employees citing the Defense of Marriage Act.

Post by ILO on 07/14/09 at 9:59 am