HRC denies delaying repeal of DADT, but May interview may confirm allegations

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HRC denies allegationsThe Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has vehemently denied allegations by Daily Beast reporter Jason Bellini that they had lobbied to delay DADT in favor of ENDA and hate crimes legislation. HRC responded with the following statement:

“This story is not only an outright lie, it is recklessly irresponsible. HRC never made such a deal and continues to work with congress and the administration on a full range of equality issues including a swift end to the military’s shameful ban on lesbian and gay servicemembers.”

However in an interview with Sirius radio host Michael Signorile several weeks ago, the allegations against HRC seem to be confirmed by Dr. Aaron Belkin, Director the Palm Center, a research institute which focuses on sexual minorities in the military. Belkin addresses the issue in the interview with Signorile at around the 2:20 mark.

[audio: Belkin.mp3]

The anti-gay lobby must be having a good laugh at our expense.

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