Shirley Tan to testify before Congress at UAFA hearings

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Shirley Shirley Tan, a California mom who was nearly deported in April because her  same-sex partner could not legally sponsor her for citizenship, has been invited to testify by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) in the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) hearings starting June 3. If passed, UAFA would extend same-sex couples the same immigration rights enjoyed by married couples, creating a legal path to citizenship.

Tan’s partner Jay Mercado and their twin sons will make the trip to Washington with their lawyer Melanie Nathan. From Nathan’s blog:

When I spoke to  Jay today, she said that the family is very honored and extremely excited to go to DC for this historic hearing.  They are looking forward to a visit to their representatives offices, Rep Jackie Speier and Senator Feinstein, especially to thank all the staffers who worked so hard to help them.

Shirley ’s ultimate ability to stay in the USA will depend on passage of  the Uniting of American Families Act. Shirley and Jay’s trip to DC will be sponsored by Immigration Equality,  who were great to work with when negotiating the details of the family’s participation.  Shirley and the family have stated that they will do everything they can to assist in getting UAFA passed.

Nathan will have extensive coverage the hearings on her blog as will we at There will also be a live webcast of the hearings starting at 10am EST on June 3.

For background on their story, please watch the video below which aired just prior to Tan’s stay of deportation:

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