UAFA hearings slated to begin June 3 in the Senate

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UAFA Hearings scheduled for June 3Senator Patrick Leahy will convene hearings on the Uniting American Families Act (UAFA) starting June 3.  UAFA will eliminate immigration discrimination against bi-national same-sex couples by providing a legal path to citizenship. This will be the first time in the bill’s long history where it will actually receive a hearing, and is truly good news for those currently suffering under existing immigration policies. More from Immigration Equality:

The June 3rd hearing will not only be a milestone on our path to victory in Washington, but it will also be a watershed moment for ensuring that our families are part of the national conversation on immigration reform. This will be a powerful moment – and a significant step forward – in our work to educate lawmakers about our relationships and engage Congressional leaders on the issue. Members of Congress are traditionally reluctant to pass legislation that has not been discussed and weighed in at Congressional hearings, so a hearing is critical to UAFA’s future success, and its inclusion in comprehensive immigration reform. The hearing is, quite simply, one of the most significant moments ever in our work to secure full equality for lesbian and gay binational couples.

UAFA currently has 17 co-sponsors in the Senate under bill S.424 and 102 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives under H.R.1024. Congresswoman Jackie Speier has previously indicated that the measure will likely  be rolled into a larger immigration reform provided UAFA gets out of committee.

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