Virginia Foxx attempts apology number two for hoax comment… and fails

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Virginia FoxxCongresswoman Virginia Foxx has issued another statement regarding her hoax comment about Matthew Shepard’s murder.

From WXII12 News:

“In the heat of trying to handle the rule on the floor, anybody can use a bad choice of words. Saying that the event was a hoax was a poor choice of words,” Foxx said. “I’ve apologized for that. I never meant in any way to harm the family or offend the family or anybody else for that matter.”

“It is very unfortunate that these calls have come in. I would say 99 percent of them are from outside the district and it is unfortunate that people have taken this position,” she said.

Foxx sent a letter of apology to Shepard’s mother, who was present when the comments were made. On Thursday, Judy Shepard reacted to Foxx’s comments. “She’s apologizing for semantics,” Judy Shepard said.

“What I hope my constituents know is that I’m in Washington ever day that I’m required to be there, working hard for them, doing the best to make sure that the federal government doesn’t take away their rights and their money,” Foxx said, when asked how she would respond to her constituents.

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Hat tip to New Civil Rights Movement for breaking the story and his cogent response.

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