NY Senator Diaz calls marriage equality an insult to people of faith

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diazNew York State Senator and evangelical minister Ruben Diaz has come out strongly against NY Governor Patterson’s support for gay marriage, asking the governor to step down.

From Senator’s website:

“The Governor is also being disrespectful to the new Catholic Archbishop Timothy Dolan and to every Catholic in New York City by pushing a gay marriage bill the same week that Catholics are celebrating welcoming ceremonies for his arrival; If I were Governor Paterson, I would abstain from going to St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the welcoming ceremony and to celebrate Mass.”

Senator Diaz will also be organizing a rally in May to ask the governor to step down. Audio from WNYC.org.

Here’s hoping the response from the gay community is swift and unrelenting. This is New York we’re talking about.

Post by ILO on 04/17/09 at 8:57 am