Iowa Senator Mike Gronstal refuses to co-sponsor gay marriage repeal

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Iowa Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal spoke eloquently today when he refused to co-sponsor legislation that would repeal Iowa’s newly decided marriage equality bill.

Minority leader Paul McKinley who offered the new legislation to ban gay marriage accused Gronstal of “pure obstruction,” while former state legislator Chuck Hurley, who is now president of the Iowa Family Policy Center had this to say:

“He is denying 2.1 million Iowans of voting age of the right to vote on an issue of great importance to 550,000 schoolchildren … Mike Gronstal needs to humble himself and listen to the people.”

Sorry, a little bit behind on the news today… A new job will do that to you.

Post by ILO on 04/07/09 at 10:23 pm