Sally Kern provokes God, promptly smites Oklahoma City with tornadoes

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No! Of course not. What a ridiculous headline! And I certainly don’t mean to make light of today’s events and sincerely hope everyone made it safely through the tornadoes today, having grown up in Colorado I certainly know the drill.

But follow my line of thought, for just a moment. Oklahoma state legislator Sally Kern and those of like mind have been notoriously intolerant, homophobic and generally un-Christian (in the truest sense of the word), as of late. Have their recent words warranted God’s wrath?

I think not. And the notion is totally outrageous. But only as outrageous as the claims below made by Kern and others like her…

Recent deadly fires in Australia caused by slaughtering innocents in the womb – Pastor Danny Nalliah

Gays responsible for hurricane Katrina – Pastor Hagee

Gays and lesbians are to blame for the current economic crisis – Christian Civil League of Maine Executive Director Michael Heath

Pro-gay legislation provoked floods in Britain – Rev Graham Dow, Bishop of Carlisle

Gays caused the collapse of Rome – Sally Kern

and of course…

Gays, lesbians, sinners, abortionists, feminists and the ACLU caused 9/11 – Jerry Fallwell

The list above is only a handful. Gays and lesbians, and more recently the “pro-choicers,” have been blamed for a multitude of disasters and cataclysms since the beginning of time.

So is the shoe now on the other foot? The Christian one?

I’m sure I’ll get hammered for this, but someone had to make the point.

Post by ILO on 02/10/09 at 5:03 pm