Texas teacher suspended for “being an atheist” and “too liberal”

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brookeland020409And now another fine example of bigotry and intolerance from the great wackadoo state of Texas. Richard Mullins, history and government teacher for over 30 years was suspended for being a “suspected atheist” and a liberal.

Mullins on the angry mother of the student making the accusations…

She accused me of being an atheist, saying I was too liberal, and that I allowed the students to talk about inappropriate things in the classroom. I told her that occasionally students would get on topics and say things, but I was unable to censor them before they were able to say them. She said that I called her daughter a name and I denied the accusation. But then she said that I didn’t believe in god and shouldn’t be teaching. She also said that she had spoken to 3 other board members who agreed with her that I shouldn’t be teaching because I was too liberal and I was an atheist.

After the principal of the school suspended Mullins…

I later had conversations with parents and a person who lives in the community, who informed me that the principal had met with the minister of the local church and had discussed my suspension with him. I also later received information from REDACTED,a “SCHOOL EMPLOYEE-POSITION REDACTED”, that the minister was now subbing at the school and that he had heard that he would be taking my position, or if I returned he would be co-teaching with me.

There have been a number of rumors in our community now concerning inappropriate behavior: high school girls coming to my class to supposedly smoke marijuana, all kinds of accusations made by the members of the missionary baptist church at which this minister is the preacher. In the January 24th letter from Mr. Richard Turner, my principal, I was also informed that my suspension had been extended indefinitely.

After the suspension, 100 of 103 students refused to sign a petition listing charges against Mullins, and now the principal of the school has forbade students from taking any action that would get Mullins reinstated.

For more information, Mullins’ complete statement and an article in the Beaumont Enterprise.

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