Ted Haggard: videos you may not have seen…

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Ted Haggard, former pastor of New Life Church and a “heterosexual with issues” has been at the center of a media circus the past few days with an appearance on Oprah, the debut of an HBO documentary called Trials of Ted Haggard, and the revelation his church might have bought the silence of a teenager with whom he was inappropriate with.

In the media and documentary Haggard comes across as amicable, if somewhat pathetic and lost; someone who might be worthy of a little pity, or at least his family anyway.

The clips below which show a different Haggard at the height of his power and influence as founder and senior pastor of New Life Church.

From Richard Dawkins’ BBC program The Root of All Evil.

and from Jesus Camp (at 3:45).

Nope. Not one ounce of pity.

Post by ILO on 01/29/09 at 11:06 pm