Rick Warren borrowing from Hitler’s playbook to “change the world?”

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In 2005 Reverend Rick Warren gave a speech to a stadium full of his followers where he describes his vision for the future:

“What is the the vision for the next 25 years? I’ll tell you what it is. It is the global expansion of the kingdom of God. It is the total mobilization of the church. And the third part is the dream of a radical devotion of every believer.”

Warren later goes on to compare this “radical devotion” to the that of the Hitler youth, and the followers of Lenin and Mao, and what they were almost able to accomplish. Warren then urges his followers to adopt a “what ever it takes” approach because only radicals “change the world.”

Listen to the clip below…

How does he want change the world? Create a global theocracy? Sounds suspiciously like Muslim fundamentalism (surprise). Scary stuff.

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