Battlestar Galactica characters come out of the closet?

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POTENTIAL SPOILER: Rumor has it that Lt. Felix Gaeta will finally come out of the closet with Lt. Hoshi on new Battlestar Galactica webisodes airing Friday Dec. 11 through January, running up to the series 4.5 premiere on January 16, 2009.

Played by Alessandro Juliani, Lt. Gaeta has long been considered by gay fans of the show the most likely character to be gay. While not the first LGBT character in the series, let’s hope he fairs better than Admiral Cain of the Pegasus who was a lesbian, had an affair with a Cylon, and was later shot in the head (and not because she was a lesbian, or had an affair … she was just really mean).

The awkward scene below from season one is perhaps the first of many clues that Gaeta may bat for the other team. After re-watching the clip, I wonder if Baltar has a wide stance?

[flvplayer /video/BSG_awkward.flv 480 272]

As not to be totally trite, the following scenes are from one of last season’s most moving episodes, where Lt. Gaeta sings a sad lament after one of his legs has been amputated.

For more information on the webisodes visit the official Battlestar Galactica site.
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