Cancel the Debate? Hold Town Hall Instead!

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You’d have to hiding out in Osama Bin Laden’s cave to miss the truly Shakespearean theatre that played across the political landscape today.

John McCain is suspending his campaign to go to Washington and confront the economic crisis he had no small role in creating. And if a bi-partisan bail out isn’t in the cards before the debate on Friday, said debate is canceled.


Obama responded that now is the time the country needs to hear from our leaders, and in so many words, prove that they can talk and chew gum at the same time.

John… really?

Why suspend the campaign when your second can step in and fill the gap, just like she would if something happened to you in office. Don’t you have confidence in her abilities, John?

McCain’s camp has now suggested postponing the debate to October 2, sidelining the VP debate scheduled for the same evening to some undetermined date in the future.

Yes. Really.

Here’s my advice for Obama. Don’t fall for it. Go to Mississippi. Set up another podium or leave an empty chair for McCain. Scrap the debate format and do a town hall instead. Take questions from the crowd. Both friendly and hostile. Hold the town hall meeting McCain always wanted, but with him MIA.

Then cut back to McCain napping or getting his face made over by a $5000 makeup artist from American Idol. Or if McCain is nowhere to be found, perhaps shots of Palin at a local church leveling charges of witchcraft at those who would question her foreign policy experience.

Shakespeare would be proud.

Post by ILO on 09/24/08 at 10:52 pm